CHANEL – N ° 5 The legendary water

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CHANEL - N ° 5 The legendary water
CHANEL – N ° 5 The legendary water

Chanel is a luxury brand known around the world for its contemporary and elegant style. Indeed, this great Parisian house manages to combine wonderfully tradition with a more modern touch. Although the creative techniques have evolved over time, its know-how remains intact and the unconditional fans of the brand are more and more numerous. Of course, among its many successes, some of them stand out more than others. In this case, Eau Chanel N ° 5 has become more than a simple fragrance. It is a true legend.

The creation of the myth Chanel N ° 5

Chanel N ° 5 is much more than a perfume. Indeed, its longevity is exemplary and its influence is global. It has been more than 90 years since Chanel N ° 5 saw the light of day and yet it still ranks at the top of sales around the world. If its smell has been particularly worked, the communication surrounding this prestigious essence has also been very neat. Chanel N ° 5 was the very first perfume created by this great Parisian brand. It was born in 1921 when Chanel was still only a fashion house. By creating the latter, Gabrielle Chanel appeared to be a true pioneer. She was, in fact, the first fashion designer to launch an eau de parfum under her name. She entrusted its realization to Ernest Beaux, creator of perfumes at the court of the Tsars of Russia.Gabrielle Chanel chooses the water sample N ° 5 . When it came to finding his name, she said: “I am launching my collection on May 5, the fifth month of the year, let him have the number he is wearing and this number 5 will bring him luck”. The least we can say is that this number was a real lucky charm! The magic still operates today and Eau Chanel N ° 5 will soon be celebrating its 100th anniversary.

The smell of a legendary water: N ° 5

Eau de Parfum Chanel N ° 5 is a particularly feminine olfactory creation. When she described it, Gabrielle Chanel said: “I want to create an inimitable perfume, a perfume like never before, a woman’s perfume, with a woman’s scent. So she decided to incorporate ingredients of remarkable quality. Chanel Eau de ParfumN ° 5 is a sort of sumptuous bouquet of flowers. At its heart, we notice in particular the presence of jasmine from Grasse, ylang-ylang from Comoros, hot and exotic flowers, rose from Grasse, neroli and lily of the valley. In addition, this bouquet is further embellished by the famous aldehydes, synthetic components that sublimate the flowers with a fresh and new energy. Its background is more woody. It’s packed with Mysore sandalwood, Bourbon vetiver and oakmoss. Finally, the whole is wrapped in vanilla, musk and a hint of civet.


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