Chanel – Summer 2015 Makeup Look

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Visual Summer Look Chanel Mediterranean Collection
Visual Summer Look Chanel Mediterranean Collection

New season for a new Chanel makeup look that will make you want to sunbathe on the French Riviera, a makeup collection in thrilling colors bathed in sunlight

Chanel Look Summer 2015 Mediterranean Collection

Chanel Summer Light Illuminating Powder
Chanel Summer Light Illuminating Powder

Summer Light – Illuminating Powder

Buy Chanel Summer Light Illuminating Powder at Fragrenza Perfumes.

It takes the iconic shape of the Camellia de Chanel flower blooming and full of light, presented in the signature Chanel box equipped with its applicator brush, this illuminating powder catches the glares of the sun. It allows you to naturally sublimate your complexion and illuminate the most low-cut skin for a satin finish.
For an optimal application, apply light touches with a brush on the points of the face to be illuminated: cheekbones, forehead, neckline.

Chanel Stylo Eyeshadow N ° 107 Campanule, N ° 117 Azulejo, N ° 127 Laurier Rose, N ° 137 Olivine and N ° 147 Caroube
Chanel Stylo Eyeshadow N ° 107 Campanule, N ° 117 Azulejo, N ° 127 Laurier Rose, N ° 137 Olivine and N ° 147 Caroube

Eyeshadow Pen N ° 107 Campanule, N ° 117 Azulejo, N ° 127 Laurier Rose, N ° 137 Olivine and N ° 147 Caroube

Buy Chanel Eyeshadow Pen at Fragrenza Perfumes.

New must-have accessory for summer, Stylo Eyeshadow is a compact eye shadow that you can take anywhere with you. Five shades available to play with colors all summer long. Easy to use with its tip in the form of a pen, it will give you an immediate feeling of freshness as soon as it is applied. Its creamy texture allows a perfect glide on the eyelid for a radiant color and an iridescent finish.

5 new shades available: 107 Campanule, 117 Azulejo, 127 Laurier Rose, 137 Olivine and 147 Caroube

Waterproof Eye Pen N ° 997 Orchid

Buy the Stylo Yeux Waterproof long-lasting eye contour by CHANEL on Fragrenza Perfumes.

Chanel Waterproof Eye Pen N ° 997 orchidee
Chanel Waterproof Eye Pen N ° 997 orchidee

A waterproof eye pen that draws an intense look. Very long lasting, its outline is resistant to water, humidity and sebum. Its retractable lead and integrated lead sharpener facilitate application.

A mixture of waxes and film-forming agents for a soft and comfortable formula, silicone resin for a waterproof texture, which does not run or run. Easy make-up removal. Tested under ophthalmological control, suitable for contact lens wearers.

Application advice: For a natural look: underline the upper base of the eyelashes with a fine line, from the internal angle to the external angle of the eye. For an intense look: intensify the line along the upper lashes by thickening the line, from the middle to the outer corner of the eye.

A new shade available: 997 Orchid

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine N ° 497 intrepid
Chanel Rouge Coco Shine N ° 497 intrepid

Rouge Coco Shine N ° 477 Dreamer, N ° 487 Amorosa, N ° 497 Intrepid, N ° 507 Insoumise

Buy CHANEL Rouge Coco Shine brilliant red, melting & moisturizing on Fragrenza Perfumes.

An ultra-melting lipstick like a balm, which becomes fluid on contact with the lips. A palette of semi-transparent to more intense shades, bursting with light. The light and shiny version of ROUGE COCO, contained in a metal case faithful to the House’s black and gold codes, nomadic and practical.
Result: a wet effect with natural shine.

This moisturizing red is enriched with the ‘Hydratendre’ complex, consisting of:
• natural esters, components of NMF *, to immediately hydrate the lips
• a derivative of Meadowfoam oil to protect and ensure 8 hours of hydration
• phyto-ceramides that protect and smooth the lips by mimicking the ceramides of the skin.

The combination of waxes and phytosterols of plant origin creates a make-up with a “watery” effect with intense shine.

3 new shades available: 477 Dreamer, 487 Amorosa, 497 Intrepid, 507 Insoumise

Chanel Sparkling Lips N ° 447 Rose Paradis & N ° 457 Allegria
Chanel Sparkling Lips N ° 447 Rose Paradis & N ° 457 Allegria

Sparkling Lips N ° 447 Rose Paradis & N ° 457 Allegria

Buy Chanel Shimmering Lip Gloss at Fragrenza Perfumes.

Un gloss ultra-brillant à la texture gel octueux non collant il permet une application facile et rapide grâce à son applicateur intégré. Il hydrate et galbe vos lèvres instantanément. Résultat : Un maquillage ultra-brillant, frais, pétillant.
Ce gloss est enrichi :
• d’un ester stérol qui procure une sensation de confort et d’hydratation pendant 8 heures*
• d’un polymère qui apporte brillance intense et tenue.
* Évaluation obtenue par tests de cornéométrie effectués sur 21 femmes.

2 nouvelles teintes disponibles: 447 Rose Paradis, 457 Allegria

Chanel varnish N ° 697 Terrana, N ° 707 Mediterranée, N ° 717 Cocquelicot, N ° 727 Lavanda
Vernis Chanel N°697 Terrana, N°707 Méditerranée,N°717 Cocquelicot, N°727 Lavanda

Le Vernis N°717 Coquelicot, N°727 Lavanda, N°697 Terrana et N°707 Méditerranée

Acheter le vernis à ongles Le Vernis de CHANEL sur Fragrenza Perfumes.

Un vernis couvrant et brillant qui respecte la nature délicate de l’ongle. Un pinceau fin pour une application précise. Un capuchon ergonomique pour une utilisation facilitée. Renversé, le flacon ne coule pas.

Un actif à base de bio-céramiques, le phycocorail apporte calcium, fer, zinc et magnésium à l’ongle pour en renforcer la résistance. Des céramides pour favoriser l’hydratation de l’ongle. Une forte concentration en pigments et / ou nacres pour un résultat laqué intense. Une formule enrichie en résine dérivée de coton pour un film transparent, brillant, solide. Formulé sans toluène, sans formaldéhylde, sans dibutyl phtalate (DBP), ni camphre. Testé dermato-logiquement.

Conseil d’application : Posé sur une base protectrice ou une base lissante, LE VERNIS s’utilise facilement. Appliquer deux couches pour un résultat maquillage optimal. Au centre de l’ongle tout d’abord, de la lunule vers le bord, puis sur les côtés. La première couche, très fine, s’applique sur la base déjà sèche. Pour parfaire la manucure, utiliser une couche de BEAUTÉ DES ONGLES LAQUE BRILLANCE EXTRÊME.

4 nouvelles teintes disponibles : 717 Coquelicot, 727 Lavanda, 697 Terrana, 707 Méditerranée

Retrouvez le au meilleur prix chez notre partenaire maquillage : Maquillage CHANEL – Fragrenza Perfumes ainsi que tous les produits de la brand CHANEL.


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