Clinique Base & Top Coat

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Clinique Base & Top Coat Different
Clinique Base & Top Coat Different

After the successful release of its different varnishes for sensitive skin.

Base and Top Coat Clinique

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Base and Top Coat Different from Clinique for sensitive skin.

After six years of research and product development, Clinique presents a pioneering innovation in the nail polish industry: Different Base and Top Coat For Sensitive Skin.

Being considered allergens by dermatologists, Clinique has developed nail polishes specially formulated to minimize the risk of allergy to the nails but also to the skin and the eyes.

Both Base and Top Coat, this nail polish has been specially designed to reduce the risk of allergy and has an ultra shiny finish.
Thanks to its very gentle formula that applies easily, dries quickly and does not make streaks, this base and top coat will allow you to obtain a manicure with flawless hold.

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