Lalique – White

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Lalique - White - Bottle
Lalique – White – Bottle

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2 key words for this new masculine scent:

  • LIGHT: Light is a source of energy, of heat. And from the heat is born the mastery of the crystal. Light and crystal are intimately linked. And, particularly at Lalique who is known and recognized as a “sculptor of light”.
  • WHITE: René Lalique has always worked with white. White glass. White crystal. Opal crystal. Magic of a coloring passing from milky white to a blue softness and an orange glow, according to the diffraction of the light. Surprisingly rich and pure color, absolute, universal. Universally stylish. Like a man’s white shirt.

The Lalique White man is an elegant and luminous man.

Perfume – Lalique White:

Lalique White - Pub
Lalique White – Pub

A fresh fragrance, an original freshness, signed and masculine … and not a classic freshness, already felt, generally obtained by aromatic or marine notes.

“The idea was therefore to work with spices and to treat them both fresh and hot at the same time. On the other hand, I chose to work with a very refined formula with few raw materials, delicately chosen, to highlight the depth and ardor of the spices. “The spicy” is thus revisited. To modernize it, I wanted to energize it with a fresh and crunchy accord of crumpled lemon tree leaves enhanced by the power of spices (Elemi from the Philippines in the lead). The accompanying bergamot comes especially from Calabria. The heart continues with cardamom from Guatemala, dressed in warmer spices like white pepper and nutmeg. Then comes a delicious violet. The base delicately reveals woody and musky notes which sublimate this refined and sensual fragrance ”.

Eau de Toilette – Lalique White

The Eau de Toilette is adorned with a white bottle with cut sides reminiscent of a square 75ml flask while the 125ml lengthens in triumphant masculinity.

The etymology of the term white is associated with brilliance and is reflected in the radiance of the absolute opacity of the bottle. Silver chrome hoop and cover add an extended metallic shine with the writing of “White”. In contrast, the red “Lalique” stands out with energy.

Crystal Bottle – Lalique White:

Lalique White - Crystal Bottle
Lalique White – Crystal Bottle

Prestige of crystal, know-how of Master Glassmakers, Lalique puts its art at the service of perfumery in exceptional bottles. For Lalique White, a technical feat has been achieved today in a small, precious format.

The crystal makers have succeeded in uniting opal and crystal in the same double bottle. The opal plays precious variations of light ranging from creamy white to more metallic effects, while the pure crystal block is absolute transparency. Technically complex (the melting temperatures of the two materials are different), the drop-shaped bottle is first mouth blown, included in the crystal block and then given to the tailors for the finishing touches.

The empty bottle is accompanied by a 50ml vial of extract. A limited edition, signed and numbered 250 copies.

Architectural crystal sculpture, this new Lalique White bottle is placed in a precious white box that looks like a jewelry box, the doors of which open to discover the bottle in its splendor.

Men’s Perfume

Famille Olfactive : Hespéridé – Aromatique

Notes de Tête : Feuille de Citronnier, Bergamote de Calabre, Tamarine de Sicile, Elémi des Philipines.

Notes de Coeur : Poivre Blanc, Noix de Muscade, Cardamone du Guatemala, Fleur de Violette.

Notes de Fond : Cèdre Blanc, Ambre Blanc, Mousse,  Muscs.

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