Sauvage: the top of perfumes

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Sauvage: the top of perfumes
Sauvage: the top of perfumes

In 1966, Dior created L’eau Sauvage. This perfume quickly became iconic. As such, it has been revisited several times, sometimes in Perfume, sometimes in Extreme version and more recently in Cologne. Also, the year 2015 marked a real turning point since a new variation, very different from the previous ones, was born. This one was then simply named Savage.

Dior’s initiatory journey

Much more than a simple perfume, Sauvage conveys a message. Its provocative name calls out and resonates almost like a manifesto. It also expresses an immediate virility. This raw name invites us to search deep within us to find our authenticity, our wild spirit. This fragrance is an ode to freedom. His ambition is to lay bare man, to direct him towards the quest for his emotions. Its scents then seem to instantly bring the body and nature closer together. As does Johnny Depp, muse of this perfume, we would almost have the desire to roll towards the desert and to plunge our gaze into the distant horizon as if to be better reborn. Sauvage is a message, a kind of rebirth.

The intense smell of Sauvage

Sauvage has a distinct scent that doesn’t go wrong. It is a juice that is both raw and noble, a true mineral breath emanating directly from the earth. Its start is particularly fresh and draws its liveliness from bergamot. Nevertheless, peppery notes complement the whole. There is one including pink berries and Sichuan pepper. Ambroxan, on the other hand, combines marine and amber tones. Likewise, geranium brings a greener breath while vetiver affirms the virility of the whole. Lavender then completes it all with its sunny aroma while patchouli sublimates it all with extreme depth.


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