The advertising spot of Mon Paris YSL

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The advertising spot of Mon Paris YSL
The advertising spot of Mon Paris YSL

My Paris of Yves Saint Laurent and his erotic ballad in the heart of the capital

My Paris by Yves Saint Laurent is a perfume that already promises to be talked about. Indeed, this one is not lacking in audacity. Its chypre scent reinterprets the great classics of perfumery. This has something to appeal to femme fatales as well as gourmets or relaxed personalities. Its bottle, for its part, is absolutely captivating with refinement. Nevertheless, a perfume, as attractive as it is, would be nothing without an advertising campaign that lives up to its ambitions. This is why Yves Saint Laurent did not skimp on the means in terms of communication in order to make Mon Paris one of the bestsellers of the year .

An extraordinary duo of directors for the advertising of Mon Paris

In order to carry out his advertising campaign, Yves Saint Laurent called on a duo of French directors. The mini film for Mon Paris was therefore directed by Clément Durou and Pierre Dupaquier, a team otherwise called “We Are From LA”. These two creative geniuses are known for their very innovative spirit. In fact, they made a name for themselves in 2010, when they produced a Kanye West fan clip entirely designed in animated gifs. In the process, they were entrusted with the production of the video for “La Musique” by Yelle. In addition, the same year, they became responsible for the realization of the first smartphone application dedicated to a musical title. In addition, these two creators love everything digital and are in constant search of innovation. Finally, the highlight of the show, they are also the ones who made the interactive music video for Pharrell Williams’ hit “Happy”. Moreover, it earned them a Grammy Award for the best video of the year. This duo who claim to be influenced by “pop culture, the image of the 90s, from Forest Gump to the Beverly Hills Cop to Un Jour Without End” is now the one everyone is snapping up on. It is therefore a real privilege for the Yves Saint-Laurent house to be able to collaborate with them.

Yves Saint-Laurent’s latest ad

This advertising campaign for Mon Paris therefore features the Canadian model Crista Cober and the French actor Jérémie Laheurte Jeremy Fragrance. Both are displayed in various Parisian places such as a nightclub, the metro, the front of the Eiffel Tower or the roof of the Palais Garnier. Everything takes place day and night and the atmosphere is particularly torrid. Indeed, as the supermodel confides, Mon Paris evokes “an almost wild feeling that one feels when one falls in love, when one has to trust his heart, follow his instinct, while feeling completely lost. »Thus, the world seems to switch to the discovery of this fragrance and this is fully what is portrayed to us in the advertisement for Mon Paris. The whole is simply to be described as being a concentrate of “kisses in a sublimated bet.


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