The Classic perfume of Jean Paul Gaultier

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The Classic perfume of Jean Paul Gaultier
The Classic perfume of Jean Paul Gaultier

Classique was the very first fragrance from the fashion house Jean-Paul Gaultier. Also, it is particularly feminine and almost smells like a makeup bag. Moreover, it is precisely this that inspired the man who is nicknamed today “the enfant terrible of fashion”.

Classic, the eternal image of a woman

When Jean-Paul Gaultier launched into perfumery, he wanted to dedicate this universe to women in general. Thus, he wanted to anchor it in a kind of timelessness as if to make it eternal. In this case, Classique is a tribute to one woman in particular: her grandmother. It must be said that it was she who introduced him to sewing. In this sense, the Classique perfume is a kind of reminiscence of the past created to sublimate the woman of today. Its scent is inspired by rice powder mixed with the scent of lipstick and nail polish. In addition, he smells of Jean-Paul Gaultier’s grandmother’s make-up bag.

The enhancement of femininity by Jean Paul Gaultier

Classique is a fragrance created by perfumer Jacques Cavalier. The latter brilliantly combines tradition and modernity. Obviously, the flowers largely dominate the whole. This is what earned her her extreme femininity. Classic concentrates white flowers, rose, ylang-ylang and orange blossom. On the other hand, her makeup scent comes from plum. Likewise, the association of iris and musk evokes rice powder while its retro side emanates directly from amber. However, a perfume that is too wise would not have been worthy of the famous house of Jean Paul Gaultier.. The whole is then disheveled by the dazzling freshness of mandarin and orange. Likewise, star anise and ginger bring a touch of madness to this famous pink corset. Vanilla, for its part, binds everything together and ends up establishing the seduction of this now cult perfume.


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